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August 1, 2021
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A locksmith is a professional that works with locks, whether it may be installing or repairing. Most people will want to use the services of a good locksmith if they have been locked out of the house, lost their house key, or misplaced car keys.

Locksmiths are an important part of home security and their role goes beyond fitting locks and cutting keys. They also remove keys that have broken in locks, replace locks, and can even repair car ignition systems.

Can a Locksmith Make a Key Without an Original?

Yes, a locksmith can make a key without having the original key. A locksmith can create a key without the original in three ways:

1. Impression of the lock – this is a convenient method for the locksmith as they use the existing lock to create an impression, and they then use the impression to create a new key. Locksmiths who can impression a lock are highly skilled as it can take years to get the skills to do this properly.

2. Cutting the key – keys usually have two types of key codes – blind code and bitting code. Each code is allocated to different models of keys and locks. A locksmith will create a new key by creating the key to its specified code.

3. Disassembling – this is the third way in which a locksmith can make a key without the original. What this method requires is the disassembling of the lock and working out the key code and then using this information to create a new key.

Can a Locksmith Make Car Keys?

Some Locksmiths can make car keys. If you lose your car keys, or your car key breaks during ignition then a good locksmith will be able to create a new key for you. Most locksmiths can cut and create a replacement set of car keys for you for a much lower cost than your car dealer will charge you.

For a locksmith to issue you with a new car key, you will need to provide the locksmith with the following information:

  • Make of car
  • Model of car
  • Year of production
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle

If your car has been stolen then be sure to let your locksmith know so that they can reprogram your car to ensure that the stolen keys do not work.

How do Locksmiths Open Car Doors?

Being locked out of your car is incredibly common. You can try and gain entry to your car yourself, but if you want a quick and easy re-entry without causing damage to your car then you should call a locksmith.

Locksmiths have special tools that enable them to unlock any car door. If your car has an old locking system the locksmith will be able to pick the lock. For keyless car entry systems, the locksmith will be able to use the methods mentioned above to access the car causing as little damage as possible.

Can a Locksmith Open a Safe?

A general assumption of locksmiths is the ability to open a safe. Despite safes being a mechanism to store valuable items, many people either forget the combination required to open the safe or lose their safe keys. In this instance, a locksmith can open a safe safely and without triggering the safe’s internal security measures that are activated when someone tries to forcibly enter the safe.

Locksmiths can not only open traditional safes, but also electronic safes. They will be able to identify if there is a malfunction in the internal wiring of the safe and if there is any damage to the locking mechanism. If you suspect any of the above you should always call a locksmith before any further damage occurs.

Why Hire a Locksmith?

There are many reasons why you should hire a locksmith, many of them are mentioned above. The main reasons are:

· If you are locked out of your house or car a locksmith can help you get back in

· Locksmiths deal with broken keys and locks

· Locksmiths work safely and quickly

· If you are moving house a locksmith can ensure you have new locks and keys for safety reasons

· For anyone with new business premises locksmiths can ensure your valuables are safe and protected

· Locksmiths can prepare new keys and replacement keys

Will a Locksmith Open an Apartment Door?

Yes, locksmiths can open apartment doors. A professional and certified locksmith will be able to open any kind of door.

Please note that before the locksmith opens the apartment door they will need evidence that you live there. You will therefore need to show the locksmith some proof of residence.

Will a Locksmith Open a House Door?

Again, see the answer to the question above. A professional locksmith can open a house door, but they should ask to see some proof of residence from you. If they do not ask you for this then you need to ask them if they are properly certified.

Can a Locksmith Open a Door Without a Key?

Locksmiths are trained to open doors without a key as they get a lot of work from people who have lost or misplaced their keys. Locksmiths have various ways to gain entry without a key including lock picking, bumping the lock with a bump key that works on different locks, and drilling the lock. Locksmiths have all the skills needed to open a door without a key and they will get the door open with the least amount of damage.

If you’re in need of a locksmith service, take a look at our website today!

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