How to protect sliding glass doors from burglars

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July 21, 2021
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Sliding glass doors are becoming increasingly common; it gives your home light, easy access to the garden and more breeze in the summertime! Although glass doors are often sought after for their beautiful properties, they sometimes pose a security risk to your home. Sliding glass doors use latches, not locks. This makes it much easier to break into a home where all your valuable items are stored. At the end of the day, your home is only as strong as its weakest link, so adding protection to your sliding glass door is a good start in making sure your home is protected. 

In this blog, we will be talking about how to protect sliding glass doors from burglars to ensure that your home is protected from theft. This can include- window locks and security pins, strong locks and blocking bars. 

How to protect sliding glass doors from burglars- Blocking bars

Blocking bars can be placed in the tracks of your sliding glass door. They offer a different level of protection as it will stop burglars from opening the door entirely. This means that if they have broken the latches, they still won’t be able to open the door. These locks are usually straight pieces of metal or wood. Metal is more protected as it will withstand great force, but you may choose a wooden blocking bar depending on how much security you need for your home. 

How to protect sliding glass doors from burglars- Window locks or security pins

Similar to a blocking bar, window locks can be used on sliding glass doors to stop it from opening. They can be screwed into the frame or track to stop the sliding door from opening and security pins can be added for a protection top-up. You can install a security pin by drilling a hole into the bottom right, interior side of the door frame. You will then place a hardened steel security pin inside which will hold the two doors together. 

How to protect sliding glass doors from burglars- Strong locks

It is worth making sure that the locks already in place are strong enough to deter or stop burglars from coming through into your home. Can your locks hold up against a crowbar? Investing in a strong door lock can be a good option that could save you thousands in the future! There are many locks available on the market which could be beneficial for your home. 

Two bolt sliding door locks– These locks work by sliding a steel bolt into the frame of the door frame when in the locked position. They can be installed at any height on the door and add an extra layer of protection on the latch. 

How to protect sliding glass doors from burglars- Other tips and tricks

At the end of the day, a burglar is going to be deterred by security as a whole. If you have security alarm signs and good locks and high gates, the burglars won’t go anywhere near your house! Another, much more lovable option is to get a dog, if your dog doesn’t know the thief, they probably will do a good job barking to let you know that an invader is in the house!  A good cctv system overall will deter burglars- this is your best bet to ensure maximum security to your home. 

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