What a Locksmith Does

When Do You Need An Emergency Locksmith?
When Do You Need An Emergency Locksmith?
April 7, 2020
Hire a Locksmith in High Wycombe
Why Hire a Locksmith in High Wycombe
June 10, 2021
What a locksmith does

The Definitive Role of a Locksmith

A common conception throughout time defines a locksmith as a professional contractor who specializes in entry systems such as locks, door knobs, and other security features. While locksmiths once dealt almost solely with locks, keys, and safes, security innovations and technological advances have expanded the scope of the profession to include far more than most people realize. Locksmiths have to be knowledgeable about everything security related, from traditional deadbolts and door knobs to high-tech burglar alarms and digital access systems.

People seldom realize just how integral a locksmith’s job is to their daily lives, taking for granted the countless doors they walk through each day and all the different locks and keys that protect their homes, cars, and possessions. Without locksmiths, we would lack the basic security we have all become so accustomed to having. But before diving into all that locksmiths do these days, let’s take a look at their role throughout history.

Installing Locks

Locksmiths can do more than work on locks you already have; they can also install locks where there were none before. If you want to install new locking devices on doors or windows around your home, a locksmith can make recommendations for the best type of locks and handles to use, sell you the necessary hardware, and perform the installation. Talk about a one-stop shop.

Lock Out Assistance

If there is ever a time that locksmiths get to take center stage, it is during a lock-out. No one wants to experience that moment of dread that comes with realizing their key is locked in their house, making the locksmith that swoops in to save the day a hero for providing relief by reuniting the owner and key.

Usually gaining entry during a lock-out requires a locksmith to pick the lock on the front or back door of the house. In very rare cases, the lock may have to be broken or drilled, but most locks should be pickable by a professionally trained locksmith.

Lock Repairs

Though rekeying is an inexpensive and effective way to change your locks, it is not always an adequate solution to lock trouble. If one of the locks on your home breaks or is wearing out, whether it’s as vital as your front door lock or as trivial as a desk drawer latch, you will need to repair or replace it.

Residential locksmiths will be able to assess the damaged lock and determine whether or not it can be fixed. If it cannot be salvaged, they will offer to replace it and can usually sell you the replacement hardware as well.

If you are in need of an emergency locksmith, be sure to contact us at All Locks for an enquiry. We offer a range of services and seek to provide great services with competitive prices.

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