Why Hire a Locksmith in High Wycombe

What a locksmith does
What a Locksmith Does
May 26, 2020
duties and responsibilities of a locksmith
What are the duties and responsibilities of a locksmith?
June 14, 2021
Hire a Locksmith in High Wycombe

We’ve all experienced that moment of panic. Reaching into your bag or your pocket and coming back out empty-handed. Your keys are gone, lost forever…until you search a little further and find them buried beneath a lunch bag or a wallet.

We all know the feeling

It’s an aspect of daily life we are all accustomed to. Unfortunately for some, that panic will continue as the reality of missing keys becomes clearer and clearer. In fact, two in five people have admitted to losing their house keys at least once in their lives. So, with 37% of the population on a house-key-hunt, it’s unsurprising why locksmiths are in such high demand.

The internal features of locks are hidden away, meaning that the wear and tear of such an object can be easy to miss or overlook. Professional locksmiths, such as ourselves, recommend changing a frequently used lock every seven years, with those used rarely needing less attention. For something we rely on so much for safety, the maintenance and upkeep of locks are more important than we think.

Changing your house locks is a worthwhile investment, whether you live in a safe area or not. In September 2020, High Wycombe had the highest crime rate for break-ins throughout Buckinghamshire, with 28 reported in a single month. We know how important it is to feel safe in your own home, and want to reassure anyone experiencing this that we are here to help.

Still unsure? Change them anyway

Unless you’ve recently moved into a new build, it’s difficult to know when exactly your locks were last changed. Old locks can provide burglars with easy access to your home, stop them in their tracks by using our services and reducing the crime rate in High Wycombe.

It’s also worthwhile hiring a locksmith if someone has recently moved out of your property, be it separation or a change in tenants, keys could be passed around without your knowledge. If the terms of a move weren’t amicable, we would recommend a change of locks purely for your own safety.

Locksmiths are not only useful for personal circumstances, but we also help out new businesses. It’s always recommended that you change your locks when moving into new premises, you never know how many people have spare keys to your new property. The last thing you need when starting a new business is having to deal with a break-in and a possible loss in profits before you’ve even begun. For security and financial purposes, we would suggest using a locksmith to mollify your worries.

What we can do for you

We provide prestigious and expert locksmiths across High Wycombe, regardless of the services our clients require.

Need spare keys cut for family and friends?
Had a break-in and want to change your locks?
Moving in and unsure how old your locks are?

We are here to reassure each and every customer in High Wycombe.

There is an abundance of reasons why someone may need to hire a locksmith, either for personal or business purposes. Regardless of which category you fall into, access our High Wycombe services today by telephone or contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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