How to choose the right locksmith in High Wycombe?

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June 14, 2021
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July 21, 2021
choosing the right locksmith in High Wycombe

There are many different aspects to keep in mind when choosing which locksmith to hire. From business credibility to customer satisfaction, it’s important to do your research to ensure you are getting the best possible deal out there. We believe we are the right choice for High Wycombe, so here is our guide for what to look out for and what to remember when making your decision.

Top Tips Locked into Place

For the locksmithing industry, it’s vital to keep up positive customer relationships with each and every one of our clients. So you are reassured with our ability to meet all of your requirements.

To know you’re getting the best deal, it’s recommended that you find three quotes from alternate companies for the best comparison. Many locksmiths offer quotes free of charge and therefore it won’t cost you anything to gather this information.

It’s important to search for locksmiths who are approved by the Master Locksmith Association (MLA). These are companies that have been vetted, are regularly inspected, and employ a qualified locksmith. This association is highly respected in and outside of the industry, with all members having undertaken and passed an independently assessed MLA examination.

Customers and Community

Using local locksmiths not only means you are supporting a small business, but you are also helping the community around you. With larger corporate companies the quality of work can be reduced to a subpar standard, whereas with small family-run businesses you can be reassured with the knowledge that we never cut any corners.

Positive customer experiences and reviews are also a reassuring sign of legitimate locksmiths. With everything from holidays to toasters now being reviewed across the internet, it’s easy to find ratings of local locksmiths on various websites such as Yelp and Trusted Traders. Our 4.9-star rating is a key indicator of the excellent services we provide, making sure you, the customer, are happy every step of the way. As Chris from Buckinghamshire can verify, “Very impressed with All Locks. This was the second job they have carried out for me and I would have no reservation in recommending them for the fast and efficient service.”

Keep an eye out

Be wary of those who are promising slightly unbelievable rates. Businesses who advertise rock bottom prices may have hidden fees further down the line. Many of these same companies offer rapid response, which may seem appealing in the middle of an emergency. However, it’s important not to rush your decision, and do your research beforehand.

We recommend preparing yourself in the case of a break-in or lost keys, by exploring local locksmiths in your area. So if or when you find yourself needing a trustworthy locksmith in High Wycombe, you already know exactly who you’re going to call. Not only does it save time, but it could also save you from being scammed.

If you would like to know more about choosing the right locksmith, and why we are the perfect choice for you, send us a message today.

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