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June 18, 2021
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what to do when locked out the house high wycombe

Nobody is thrilled with the rigmarole of what to do when locked out of the house. Everyone can easily picture it! You’re back from a long day at work in High Wycombe, you’re locked out and you either have to wait for someone with a key or pay for a locksmith. Aren’t there any other options? Looking like you’re breaking into your own home isn’t always the answer! In this blog, we will discuss all the methods that you can take to get you back in your home in no time. 

What to do when locked out of house- Call a loved one 

Do any of your friends or family members have a spare house key? Even if they don’t, if you’re on your own and don’t know what to do, being on the phone to a friend or family member can help calm you down. 

What to do when locked out of house- Check for an opened window

Obviously, don’t put yourself in danger. If there’s a window open on ground level nearby that you can climb into, it won’t hurt to see if you can fit through the gap! The chances are that someone would have been busy before they left for work and forgot to close the window. On another note, you might want to rethink your security if your home is this easy to get into! 

What to do when locked out of house- Call your landlord 

If you rent out your home, it is more than likely that your landlord will have a spare set of keys. It should be no problem asking them to swing by the area and drop off some spare keys- as long as they live nearby. 

What to do when locked out of house- Ask your concierge

If you live in a flat, climbing through your window simply will not be an option. Don’t worry! Most apartment buildings are typically required to hold a master key for every unit, so it’s worth giving your concierge or building manager a ring. 

What to do when locked out of house- Call a locksmith

This option that won’t let you down! A locksmith can change your lock entirely and help you get into your home. You’ll be in your home quickly and you can have a fancy new lock on your door! 

What to do when locked out of house- How to open a door with a hair grip 

Don’t be surprised if this doesn’t work- movies make it look easy! If you have 2 hair grips, you can use this trick… if it’s seriously desperate times. Although you can still sometimes unlock a door with a bobby pin, it is usually unlikely that it will work unless it is an old lock. If you cannot open the lock, call a locksmith

  1. Remove the rubber tip on the ends of both hair grips 
  2. Bend one of the hair grips into an L shape
  3. Straighten the other hair grip out completely until it is straight
  4. Use the L shaped hair grip and insert half of the bobby pin into the lock, use the other side to twist the hair grip so that this half is faced down towards the floor. 
  5. Inside the lock, there are usually 6 pins that drop down on top of where the grip has already been inserted. You will now need to take the other hair grip and insert it inside the lock above the other hair grip. As you insert the second hair grip, feel for the pins above and pry the pins upwards. 
  6. Using the hair grip below, (the first one you inserted) twist the lever part of the hair grip around until the door unlocks.

If you’re reading this blog and you don’t know what to do when locked out of the house, give us a friendly call so we can fit a new lock for you in High Wycombe! Check out our website today.

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